Friday, March 14, 2008


Everyone keeps asking me if this is an insurance blog why do I have elk stuff on it and not insurance stuff. Well, I thought I would just have an "entertaining" insurance blog. However, just to show that I do intend to use this for insurance stuff as well I will make this announcement.

American Family Insurance is now using credit based insurance scoring as part of the rating process for determining premiums for home and auto insurance. This has significantly reduced rates for people with good credit. If you have good credit and you would like to see what kind of rate you may qualify for through American Family insurance, please contact me at 480-981-6338.


Melissa-Aaron said...

BLah Blah Blah! Post another elk video!!! Ha

Mom H said...

Just wanted to tell you . . . I think you're awesome. One of my favorites!!

Adam said...

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